Thursday, 5 November 2015

Thursday again

And I had another physio appointment this morning, so I worked from home. My appointment this morning went a little differently - as I went in he asked how I'd been doing, and by the time I told him I'd been in pain most of the time since my last appointment he decided not to do any massaging today (he didn't say that was why, but it just didn't happen) so I'm in less pain now and expect to be able to walk tomorrow - a nice bonus. 
He's put me down for a course of classes in core strengthening stretches starting later in the month. Sadly they're after work and a drive away so I don't know how likely it is I'll do the full course, but I'll give it a shot. Assuming of course that the M4 doesn't get closed due to accidents every Tuesday from now till Christmas, it wouldn't surprise me if it did!
My appointment was quite early and I walked there so I got my walk in before the weather went to crap - well, kind of, it was dry on the way and drizzling most of the way back, but rained harder later. I didn't bother to go out again at lunchtime or after work.
I've decided to try intermittent fasting now that I'm more used to the carnivorous diet I'm on. Last time I tried, right after the BBC documentary with Michael Mosley, I caved due to bingeing on the food days. This time I expect fewer crazy cravings due to not eating carbs but I'm also taking a different approach - giving myself a shorter daily eating window instead of alternate day fasting. To start with I'm trying a 16:8 pattern (16 hrs fasting, 8 hr eating window) and today I managed it, although I did eat at 16hrs 1 minute :-) Considering I'd also walked almost 3 miles in that time I was quite happy with that. Of course not being bored in the office all morning did help with that - it's so much harder not to eat in work! 
Still, an ok start and I hope it works this time. I like the idea of not having to use the kitchen at work while the refurb is going on, so it would be ideal if I could just wait to eat till the evening. Even just breaking the 3 meals plus snack habit so I can eat breakfast at home, then dinner at home, and forget lunch would be better. I guess we'll see... Always tweaking :-)

Oh guess what, the fireworks are back tonight....

Food today: 
Brunch: burgers 
Dinner: egg drop soup 

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  1. So glad you are in less pain this time: that's good news.
    May I ask - when your meal planning says 'burgers', what does that actually consist of? (me being nosy)
    Take care
    J x