Thursday, 19 November 2015


Power tools 
OK no actual out loud screaming - but I was soooo tempted.
This office is not currently a good place to be, and the weather is not helping by trapping me there. 
Ah well. 
I woke up around 3 this morning - so I basically managed a lie in by recent standards. That's not getting better since I got medicated, or started fasting, or (2 days ago) gave in and put a duvet on the bed instead of my usual empty duvet cover. I'm out of Nytol and reluctant to buy any more and I think the self hypnosis thing I was using has lost its power over me. I guess I'll have to do another search.
I'm absolutely knackered today. Work today was insane with multiple last minute changes to software that's supposed to be going live tomorrow. I left work a bit late - only half an hour - but it was enough to make my drive home a lot slower and more stressful. A reminder if I needed it that I don't want to hang around past 4.

Food today: meatloaf cooked in the slow cooker. It looked like either the world's largest burger or possibly a cake made of beef mince. No photos because it slightly fell apart as it came out of the slow cooker inset.

Weight today: 10 st 11.5 lbs / 151.5 lbs / 68.8 kgs 

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  1. I so know the frustrations of the waking at stupid o'clock thing. It does sort out over time but it's not good.
    J x