Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I suck

I know this just proves how vain and shallow I am, but words can't express what a downer my efforts at taking a halfway acceptable selfie this morning were. I'm now vividly aware of flaws I hadn't even noticed before (I'm an expert at looking in the mirror without really seeing myself) and I'm thinking the best thing I could do for my colleagues is start wearing a paper bag over my head. Or possibly a plastic bag with duct tape round the neck. All this for what turns out to be promotional literature for an American company that doesn't even employ me. 
Leaving aside my perfect face for radio I was already down this morning following my weighing which showed an undeserved number I hoped never to see again. Logically I'm aware that water fluctuations or digestive quirks were probably to blame but what has logic got to do with feelings? Which is why despite being miserable at least partly because of my weight I ate all the chocolate (and some of the crisps) for lunch today. At least tomorrow's weight will have been earned! Also, I don't feel bad about the eating because before I did that I was feeling very tumultuous and anxious and afterwards I was quite calm. Which is better when sharing an office with dozens and dozens of people, regardless of how that calm is achieved.


  1. No you don't (suck, I mean). You're in a bad place right now and doing your best to cope.
    More hygs
    J x