Friday, 6 November 2015


Its Friday and a wet one. Both literally and figuratively. I'm feeling really down today. I'm not sure why, there's nothing concrete so I guess I'm just due one of my pointless and reasonless periods of depression. Watching Criminal Minds earlier I got weepy and it wasn't even a particularly heart rending story. Then I did the same thing again later - and that time it was a comedy I was watching. Even The Big Bang Theory couldn't cheer me up. I'm not looking for sympathy as this feels self indulgent even to me. It's more like a heads in that I'll probably be posting misery for a while. 
Logically I should be fairly happy today. I had a relatively pleasant weigh in (relatively - don't get excited on my behalf) and I succeeded in sticking to the 16/8 fasting protocol despite being quite hungry early on. But this evening I was driven to drink - just a glass and a half of wine, drunk within my eating window - because I don't feel good. And even though I knew it wouldn't help I needed it.
Might be time to go back to the doctor...

Food today:
Brunch: burgers (homemade from beef mince, cheese optional)
Also chicken wings but they were still in the George Foreman Grill when I took the picture 
Dinner: slow cooked pork shoulder (I made the 'crackling' into pork rinds for tomorrow and resisted eating any today)
Snacks: cream 


  1. Sounds to me like a doctors appointment may well be in order. In the mean time don't beat yourself up it doesn't help some times we are our own worst enemies!!!!!