Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Work is tiring

Even though all I do is test software. Actually it's really not sleeping well that is tiring, I'm just feeling it more because people frown on taking a nap at your desk. I wish I could have a decent nights sleep - I've now tried 1) taking an early night with no chemical assistance 2) staying up a bit later to hopefully readjust my body clock 3) taking Nytol and 4) (oops) a little whisky last night to help me relax. Nothing is working! And it's probably beginning a cycle of drinking more caffeine because I'm so tired and sleeping less because of all the caffeine. Aaarrgghhhh 
I did have the energy for a walk at lunchtime, in fact I desperately needed it to get away from the desk. I think I'm getting old - I walked to the supermarket then couldn't remember what I wanted. I still can't remember what I wanted! I wandered around the meat section briefly hoping to spot something that would jog my memory then went back to the office empty handed.
This evening became an emotional time due to family drama and upset. I was in the position of mediator of sorts - yeah, I suck at that and relying on me to help with this stuff is more likely to result in a homicide investigation than hugs all round. I'm all worked up now (look at the way I'm making it all about me when it's not) - I hate conflict and people hurting my family, and most of all my family hurting each other :-(

Food today:
Breakfast: meatloaf 
Lunch: meatloaf 
Dinner: burger, bone broth, and a cheese sandwich made with a pancake from a recipe I found on a forum. I can't really link to the recipe but you blend mayo with eggs and a little flavouring - in my case salt, garlic powder and onion powder - then fry them as a normal pancake. Really good!
Snacks: cheese 

Weight today: 11 st 3.8 lbs / 157.8 lbs / 71.7 kgs


  1. I am with you on that one I have been a referee in this house for ages and that in itself is very tiring. Conflict is exhausting emotionally. Hope things resolve themselves quickly for you and you can get a decent nights sleep

  2. It sounds very stressful and exhausting. I wish you what Diane said - peace of mind. xxx
    J x