Thursday, 22 October 2015

Why don't therapeutic massages feel as good as recreational ones?

Well, it didn't rain this morning so I managed to walk to my appointment dry which is good. He's pleased with my progress and added another new stretch to my repertoire for the next couple of weeks. That's all good. Less good was the lower back pain an hour or so later that led to me comfort eating about 1000 excess calories in pork scratchings and cream. Ah well. He tried to mobilise my lower back muscles by basically kneading me like a loaf of bread (you're probably more gentle with your loaves  Joy). It will be good if the mobility does improve but at the moment it sucks. After work I had a hot bath in hopes it would help and it did while I was in there - but the effects didn't persist once I dragged myself out. I had been planning to go for a walk at lunchtime and couldn't even face that - apart from popping to the nearest convenience store otherwise known as pork scratchings and cream shop. 
I cheered myself up a bit by watching Back to the Future while I worked (am I the only one inspired to rewatch them all by the recent 'what did they get right / wrong ' stories on the news websites this week because yesterday was the date they went forward to in the second movie?)
I had a Tesco delivery due between 3 &  4 pm and worked on a little later than usual to make up the time for my appointment earlier. Then it was a pyjamas evening with a lavish serving of self pity....

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  1. Ouch - it all sounds pretty uncomfortable for you. Are you feeling a bit easier this morning.
    J x