Monday, 26 October 2015


My weekend was lousy as I had an upset stomach both days that prevented me from going anywhere or doing anything except lying on the bed / sofa and sitting on the loo. And it was self inflicted too - too much fat eaten too fast to stave off the carb cravings on Friday.
More than TMI I'm sure. 
So I slept badly again last night - I tried a new hypnosis routine that had me falling asleep in a heartbeat but as always only gave me about 4 hrs sleep before I was waking up again. Then I dozed off for a while but didn't get enough quality sleep to feel particularly good today. I considered working from home but figured that I wasn't bad enough to genuinely need it, so dragged myself in. I'm probably glad I did as I went for my lunchbreak walk and enjoyed it, and enjoyed chatting with a couple of colleagues. Work itself was quite frustrating but there were no reports of things going wrong with the code we deployed on Friday so that was reassuring.

Food today:
Breakfast: pork scratchings 
Lunch: leftover burger and homemade broth 
Dinner: meatloaf 
Snacks: cheese 

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  1. Poor you - the weekend sounds most unpleasant for you. I'm glad yesterday was a bit better and today should be even better.
    Take care
    J x