Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I took a nytol last night because last week I slept so little and I was a bit concerned that my body wasn't really letting me catch up. So this morning I woke up quite early, made myself stay in bed till my alarm went off, and despite the prolonged waking up period still felt groggy as hell this morning. Blech. Thank any and all gods for coffee!!! Lots and lots of coffee....
Being in work Is now back to being boring, which is kind of my comfort zone as far as work goes. But I'm still enjoying being around people and chatting, which is not like me - I'm more inclined to sit in a corner reading a book generally.
It was cold again today, quite sunny so I managed a nice walk at lunchtime (apparently I didn't scare my walking buddy off yesterday - and today I let him talk too:-))
I had a fright coming home today when my car declared that the tyre pressure was low and I should stop carefully... I was nearly home so I carried on the  last half mile or so very cautiously and not only made it without problems but when M helped me check the pressure was absolutely fine. You know you're in trouble when your car is lying to you...
After work I briefly popped to the local shop - still quite nice weather if cold. All together 3.4 miles, less than I'd like but not bad for a work day while the mornings are so dark...

Food today:
Breakfast: homemade Scotch Eggs 
Lunch: meatloaf 
Dinner: burgers 
Snacks: homemade Scotch egg (leftover from breakfast)

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  1. Coffee is a wonder drink, for sure!
    My car talks to me too but so far it has told the truth! :-)
    J x