Monday, 19 October 2015

Tuesday and (fairly) well rested

I did find and try a sleep hypnosis programme yesterday and I did fall asleep quite quickly - the programme lasted 29 minutes and I have no idea how it ended. I also didn't keep waking up, though I did still wake in the morning at about the same time as usual. Still, that's a big enough improvement to persuade me to continue trying it. I didn't do that in isolation - I also spent the time before bed doing word searches in a paper book instead of reading a backlit kindle (since exposure to that kind of light is blamed for poor sleep) and used a magnesium supplement that is considered to help with sleep - a spray that's absorbed through the skin. I'll be  continuing with all these things for a while to see how I get on as I think a lot of these things cause a gradual improvement rather than working optimally on day 1. Definitely off to a good start - and I wasn't groggy in the morning the way I am if I take Nytol. Usually I wake before my alarm goes off then lie in bed praying it's not nearly morning until the alarm does go off, then I swear and stumble out of bed. This morning I got up before the alarm because I wasn't desperately trying to squeeze out a few more minutes sleep. Of course it is possible my exhaustion simply peaked yesterday and I would have slept better and therefore woken easier even if I'd done none of the above. I can't test that possibility easily and don't mind continuing for now anyway so I'll see how it goes. I did get tired after my lunch time walk - around 2 - but that was so much better than yesterday!
I've been having laptop problems recently and haven't caught up with my blogs or been very productive lately. I'm rubbish with hardware for someone who works in IT - I'm not proud of it but it's true. I just decided last night to reinstall an operating system upgrade from a couple of weeks ago and the damn thing took all last night, was still saying it would be another  6 hours when I left work, and was waiting for me to press a button when I got home from work  - absolutely ridiculous! Sometimes I hate computers. Then I read a blog / order an ebook and love them all over again ;-)

Breakfast: eggs and smoked sausage 
Lunch: pork, Italian herb and parmesan meatballs in homemade bone broth 
Dinner: hot pickled beef (SAVANYC MARHAHUS) - something I've wanted to try since a passing mention in a Sue Grafton book, and it was as good as I hoped despite my non-traditionally cooking it in a slow cooker. 
Snacks: cheese and smoked sausage 

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  1. The sleep thing sounds promising - good for you. I suspect the things you put in place really did help and I'm glad you are continuing.
    May you sleep well again tonight.
    J x