Thursday, 15 October 2015


Well, as predicted I didn't sleep well last night. I actually got up about 4:15 because it seemed pointless to just keep lying there with my brain running in circles. I didn't feel as tired as I expected once I got up though, something of a miracle.
I was really hoping for something quite challenging at work so I could distract myself and stay awake, but it was not to be - I was regression testing, AKA rerunning tests I've run a thousand times before in case new development has broken older pre-existing functionality. It's always boring, sometimes the mindlessness is useful but not today.
I found the energy for the mandatory lunchtime walk and even managed to buy some stuff. Which I refused on principle to buy a plastic carrier bag for, even though I had to stuff a kilo of rice into the inner pocket of my fleece and walk back to the office looking slightly deformed. 
Soon after we got back I started feeling less than well - a bit wobbly; luckily I'd also bought some precooked bacon and was able to eat my way out of wobbliness! I felt fine after that which was fortunate because I had an appointment to donate blood this evening and didn't want to cancel it. It was fine and now I'm so tired all I can do is have the most ridiculously early early night ever - switching the lights off... Now!

Food today:
Breakfast: beef burger sliced in half to form the 'bread' for a cheese sandwich and a cup of homemade bone broth 
Lunch: cold meat sandwiches - made using a couple of the pancakes I made yesterday evening.
Dinner: bone broth and pork scratchings 
Snacks: bacon 


  1. Hope you get a decent night's sleep. I really do sympathise a lot, not least because I suffer similarly.
    BTW, breakfast, lunch and dinner all sounded great... as did the snack :-)

  2. Chrissie your diet worries me where are the vitamins and minerals. Burning fat for fuel is fine in the short term but ketones don't make you feel good

    1. Thanks for your concern Diane, but there's no need to worry, honestly! Meat is a really good source of minerals especially when combined with the bone broth, and although muscle meat isn't great for vitamins I do get them from the seasonings I use, and the offal I'm adding to my meatloaf, burgers and sausage, As I also eat eggs and some dairy I'm actually being less restrictive than a lot of people eating an animal only diet. Plus if I start to feel unwell now that I'm used to eating this way I'm always open to changing what I do, either by adding in foods or supplementing.

    2. Good I'm glad to here it I know you are not stupid enough to make yourself ill

  3. I hope you have slept like a log and not woken too early!
    J x