Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday too???

Good grief it's cold in the morning these days! When we get up in the morning we have to open the bathroom window before showering / bathing due to inadequate ventilation and you really feel it if you're the second one using the bathroom after that!
It was a beautiful sunny morning despite the low temperature today and although I had some aches after my furniture removal antics yesterday I was feeling a lot more like taking a walk today than yesterday. So I went for a good 8 miles - most of it along the side of the local river, through 4 different parks constructed (if that's the right word) along the river bank plus a local heath that isn't in the valley. It was excellent and as most of it was not along smooth tarmaced pavements but through fields and woods, it was probably better exercise too. 

I would have been out longer but I was starving and didn't want to trust to buying food out, so I abandoned my intention of walking home again and caught the train back instead. Distance wise though I'd happily do it again, leave earlier so I could be back by lunchtime and / or take a snack (and some water  - I forgot AGAIN and felt quite dehydrated towards the end) and go for a proper round trip.
Lately I've been a little bit in a rut of walking while reading when covering the same ground all the time. One of the things I've definitely enjoyed this week has been taking my time, exploring a bit, and not reading because I'm not on auto pilot. Take the picture above of the toadstool looking all lethal and red (it probably isn't, but you must admit it's a sinister colour) - on a normal weekend walk by myself things like that could have been growing all around me and I wouldn't even have noticed them!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon 
Lunch: defrosted 5 spice pork mince 'souped' with homemade bone broth 
Dinner: buffalo chicken wings 
Snacks: creme fraiche 

Weight today: 11 st 5.2 lbs / 159.2 lbs / 72.3 kg 

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  1. They are wonderful photos - thanks for posting them.
    J x