Saturday, 3 October 2015

Saturday post?

Today our house decluttering took a fairly major stride forwards when we donated two large bookcases and a dining table to the British Heart Foundation. We've tried to sell them online I admit, but because we can't deliver and they're really heavy, very good quality solid wooden furniture (no veneers!) we couldn't shift them, or not without pricing them ridiculously cheaply. They all cost a fortune when we bought them but for the last few years we've been paying movers to ship them around the country and then sticking them in the designated storage room until the next move. Not any more - and though I always loved the bookcases I'm not sorry to see them go to hopefully find a better home. And make some money for one of my favourite charities at the same time.
The British Heart Foundation collect from your house so first thing in the morning M and I were lugging furniture from the depths of the bedroom to the front of the house. He took the lion's share of the weight but couldn't move them alone, so that was no fun and I expect my back will be telling me off tomorrow. We were given a collection slot between 8 and 1 so I had to stick around until they came - which meant not getting my favourite walk time of the weekend, in the morning while it's quiet because most people don't get up / go out as early on the weekend of course, whereas I have trained myself never to be able to sleep past 5 am. Even on holiday. Even at Christmas. Or unemployed. Because I'm ridiculous.
Anyhow. As soon as the furniture was moved to the front door I collapsed on the bed for a rest and stayed there until the BHF men came just after 12. Once they had released me I was able to get my walk in but by then my back had started protesting so I cut it short and took a hot bath.
My food was mostly good today (mainly because I couldn't get in the kitchen until the furniture was collected, but whatever works) and I walked just under 3 miles.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon 
Lunch: meatloaf 
Dinner: beef burger 
Snacks: creme fraiche 

Weight today: 11 st 5.8 lbs / 159.8 lbs / 72.6 kg - that's what happens when you don't eat a carton of double cream and a large quantity of bacon :-)

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  1. A Saturday bonus - lovely!
    Hope the back doesn't whinge too much today - take care
    J xxx