Saturday, 17 October 2015

Saturday in London again

So we went to London today on impulse. We got off to a poor start when we accidentally got on a stopping train instead of a much faster one - adding an hour to the journey time :-0
By the time we finally got there we were both starving so we started looking for somewhere to eat - we had a bbq place in mind but halfway there decided it was too far and turned back to a place we'd passed along the way. 
After lunch we went for a coffee before finally starting to walk properly. It was a fairly dull day but mild and dry, and we covered a reasonable distance - back and forwards along The Strand and Fleet Street, then through Trafalgar Square, along Pall Mall, past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and then on to Paddington.

After the (much shorter) train ride back again we walked along the river a bit before heading home. About 12 miles in total and I felt good about it!

Seriously, does anyone know how to resize photos using the blogger app for iPhone? Does it require buying a paid app or something? Apologies for the massive and intrusive size of all my photos since I started adding them again...
Food today:
Breakfast: 3 bacon rashers 

The Almighty - I only ate the 2 burger patties with cheese and a piece of bacon
Dinner: tandoori mixed grill from the takeaway. (Of which I ate about half - so I have some left for tomorrow!)

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