Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Only Wednesday???

Last night wasn't quite as encouraging as the night before though still better than Sunday night and most of the last few weeks. I fell asleep soooo quickly - that part was brilliant - but it's the waking time that is still an issue. Definitely carrying on with the new routine though to see how things develop. I wonder if my reluctance to get up had anything to do with a subconscious reaction to the horrible weather? Bad enough that it's dark in the mornings without rain as well. Especially given that I loathe driving in the rain - not just because of the rain itself but more because of the spray from other vehicles and lorries in particular.
It was hideous pretty much all morning but miraculously dried up in time for my walk - although it stayed very dreary and miserable. 
After work I had a very very brief stroll to the local shop. I couldn't do more because I had things to do, but it was enough to remind me that it does me good to get out after work when I can.
Tomorrow I have a physio appointment and I will be working from home. I really hope for dry weather at least in the morning so I can walk to the clinic without getting wet! 

Food today:
Breakfast: beef heart 
Lunch: meatballs 
Dinner: hot pickled beef 
Snacks: cheese, cream 

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