Monday, 19 October 2015

Monday AGAIN???

Saturday night I woke up about 2am (with agonising cramp in my right leg so extreme I leapt up in horror and promptly nearly fell over because the leg and the attached foot didn't want to straighten enough to hold me up - that was restful) and never got back to sleep. Then Sunday I walked 13 miles with my brother... (25 miles in total for the weekend)

You'd think last night I would have been out like a light but unfortunately at some point yesterday my back started bothering me, I guess because we were walking on uneven surfaces (and slippery in places) rather than nice firm pavements, and it was hard to get comfortable when I went to bed. And then I woke up before 4 am again. It's hardly surprising my eyes are sore (both of them not just the crappy one), my head is both fuzzy and buzzy from caffeine, and even though I had a perfectly good breakfast I had also eaten my intended lunch by (I can't believe I'm admitting this) 8 am!!!
Insomnia sucks big time.
This morning I woke up stiff and aching pretty much everywhere although a good stretch sorted most of it out and a hot shower helped too. But I was massively unhappy with the fact that it was Monday already and I was expected to work!  I wanted to work from home but was afraid I'd fall asleep if I did so I dragged myself into the office.
And started eating... I stuck with acceptable foods but portion control went completely out of my head. And stomach. It is hard to overeat protein and fats but I'm quite capable of rising to the challenge...
I was torn between trying to get a few minutes good napping time at lunchtime or going for a walk. The walk won because regardless of how appealing the idea of a nap may be I always feel groggy and thick headed afterwards. Plus sleeping in a car is not my thing but neither is sleeping at my desk and waking up to find people pointing, laughing and photographing my drooling sleep face. Did I say napping was an appealing idea??? Anyway, I walked, it was good because I didn't fall asleep although it was grey and uninspiring (and the sky was much less dramatic than the one in the pictures above) and I had a good chat. Although I almost refused to go back to work, when faced with walking up a steep bridge over the M4. And almost ran away when we walked back into the car park. The downside of the walk was that it allowed me to buy more unnecessary calories - which I then consumed.
After work and food prep jobs I sought out and downloaded a free sleep hypnosis thing to my iPad. It's poised to play as soon as I turn off the light and I'll fill you in on how it goes tomorrow. I am hopeful - a while back I bought Paul McKenna's I can make you thin book which came with a self hypnosis cd; it didn't make me think obviously but that could be because I listened to it in bed and always fell asleep before the end - which I hope is a good sign! Thanks for the suggestion, Diane!

Food today:
Breakfast: homemade sausage patties with fried eggs 
Brunch/morning snack/Lunch: pork scratchings at 8 am. And bacon at 1 pm.
Dinner: the last piece of meatloaf 


  1. Hoping it worked really well.
    I occasionally get night calf cramp too and it is horrible! Hoping your leg desn't ache too much today.
    J x

  2. Your welcome, if all else fails try reading Gibon's decline and fall of the roman empire