Saturday, 10 October 2015

Lost in the woods

I went exploring this morning in the heath near here that I think I mentioned last weekend. When I first discovered it I thought it was just a relatively small  stretch of woods filling in the gap between two busy ish roads, but last weekend I discovered a new area I hadn't tried before and today I found another expanse. If I'd ever looked on a map it wouldn't surprise me so much - but this way is more fun! Most of the time that I've spent in there up until today has been very much restricted to clearly marked footpaths but today I was in a wilder section right among the trees with no real track to follow - it was great, so much more natural and requiring much more attention to direction and what was underfoot.

I could have spent a lot longer in there but suddenly realised it was nearly lunchtime, I'd promised to pick something up for M, and I had no idea how far from the edge I was! Luckily although you can walk for miles parallel to the road it's not very deep so I was able to aim for the car noises in the distance and find my way out without any problem - apart from extremely muddy shoes thanks to all the rain on Monday and Tuesday.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sautéed chicken gizzards 
Lunch: halloumi and gammon, both lightly fried in a tiny bit of butter 
Dinner: 5 spice chicken wings 
Snacks: a little cream

Weight today: 11 st 4 lbs / 158 lbs / 71.8 kgs.

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