Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Interview day

I slept well until about 3, then dreamed that I forgot to call for my interview until 10 minutes after it should have started, then when I remembered couldn't find the phone number.... My subconscious is paranoid and not very subtle about it... Luckily in the real, awake world none of that actually happened! Although there was a mix up where the agent told me that the interview was at 9 this morning (I've double checked the email) while the client believed my interview was 9 am on Friday - so I basically joined someone else's interview conference call) They did fit me in at 9:30... Unfortunately I decided I don't want to pursue this one. I'm a hands on manual tester and they want a hands off supervisor type role. I did that sort of thing for 2 months back at the beginning of the year and hated it - on that job it was just part of my role whereas in this job it would be all I did. Not me at all! (Not to mention that the role was not being compensated at supervisor / team leader rates) And guess what? I emailed the agent to say I didn't think it was the role for me (slightly presumptuous but I didn't want to waste his time) and he comes back to me to say they were so impressed by me they want to put a hold on the other interviews they have planned!!! Why do I have to be so amazing?!?!?! Of course I now feel terrible for turning away a contract, but I can't be what I'm not.... The agent then went off to ostensibly talk to them about my concerns. The idea was that if they were able to reassure me we'd have another phone call on Friday morning - why do I feel sure he'd tell me everything is fine and then on Friday nothing would have changed? I confess though that at the moment I'm talking to them again on Friday morning....
And then as I was writing the above paragraph I got an IM from my boss at my last contract asking if I'm available to go back on Monday.... Errr, hell yeah! Except after asking the question he didn't come back to me so I don't know if he meant will you come back on Monday? Or if it was more of a ner ner you don't have a job yet... My life is chaotic and it confuses me.

After the interview I went for a walk to relax. I bet you're surprised to hear that! It really didn't work though. I did manage to hurt my back on Saturday with the furniture removal and after about a mile I started feeling like someone was gently stabbing me in the lower back. And then it started drizzling. And I came home. 

Am I the only one who thinks that the lake in the top photo looks like the world's biggest chocolate milkshake? If it is just me I might be revealing more than I intended.... :-D

Food today:
Breakfast: homemade beef burgers 
Lunch: broth
Dinner: beef burgers 
Snacks: cheese, consolatory cream 

Weight today: 11 st 4 lbs / 158 lbs / 70 kgs.


  1. LOL - it looks like that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
    I think you're right not to take on a job that you feel will make you unhappy without very serious consideration. Amazing people should have amazing jobs! :-)
    J x

  2. You think your life is chaos would you like a go of mine? I am going to console myself with a huge bowl of pasta butter and cheese for lunch and sod the consequences. Hope you have good luck on the job front.