Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Incandescent with fury

The F**cking Royal f**cking Berkshire so called Hospital have just postponed my appointment for another 6 weeks. That's the third time THEY have changed this appointment, which was originally supposed to happen in the first week of September at the request of one of THEIR consultants. Oh yes, and the new appointment I've been offered is on Christmas Eve  - I'm sure THAT'S going to happen. They might as well have put another postponement letter in the same envelope to save postage.
Good job there's nothing wrong with my eyes, right? Right....


  1. You have my sympathy/empathy the health service is completely broken. You have every right to be incandescent. Rest assured you are not alone our hospital has been broken for ages.

  2. Oh, for goodness sakes, this is beyond ridiculous now. No wonder you are incandescent.
    J x