Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I slept a bit better last night although I still woke up too early. Still, nice not to be completely knackered before the day even starts. 
My walking buddy worked from home today so I had to walk alone at lunchtime.  I also needed a  couple of bits from various shops in the village so I didn't go to the supermarket, instead I did my errands and then just walked enough to fill the available time. It wasn't as satisfying as the usual walk OR the walks I take when working from home, but it still got me out of the office and moving so it was worth it. And I remembered to take a carrier bag to avoid the bag tax.
I found a sort of park more or less across the road. As you can see its not exactly maintained, designed, or from the look of it, used much. I saw it more as a 'we couldn't get planning permission' gap in a housing estate than a proper Park. But at least it is green...

You can also see the weather was a bit gloomy, as the weekend is forecast to be. Shame given that my brother is visiting and already put in an order for 'lots of fresh air'
This evening I baked! I've felt zero interest in baking since deciding to go low carb, much less animal only, but I still have some ingredients left from my previous life in the cupboards and freezer and I suddenly decided to start to use them up while I can take them in to work. I found a recipe for (gluten free) cocoa brownies and was all set to make them on Sunday when I invited my brother over for the weekend - he's an ardent chocoholic and tomorrow is his birthday! How could I not make them for him? They turned out well, don't you think? Not that I can eat them, so I could be wrong....

Food today: 
Breakfast: meatloaf with a little cheese 
Lunch : meatloaf 
Dinner: homemade pork sausage and eggs 
Snacks: bone broth, prawns 


  1. Oh, those brownies do look good. Recipe, please . . . :-)
    I'm glad you slept better. Personally I love my early mornings although I agree that they must feel like a slap in the face when you are so very tired.
    J x

    1. The recipe is on http://recipeforperfection.com/decadent-flourless-brownies-recipe-sundaysupper/
      I posted using the blogger app and don't know how to do hyperlinks in there (or resize photos :-( )
      only make them if you consider chocolate to be the 4th food group - I'm informed they are VERY intense ;-)