Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday overtime

Its hard to be excited for Friday when you finish work at 4 then start again at 5:30...
Ah well, overtime = extra money so think positive Chrissie!
Actually I can't because today has been horrible. I still have back pain so I stayed home instead of going in to the office. I still struggled to get comfortable though. And all afternoon I had cravings for many slices of white toast. Not even gf toast, or artisan worth the pain toast, just slices of cheap white toasted bread. At one point I found myself heading towards the kitchen to give in - but at the last minute stopped myself. Considering how long I've been gf apart from the occasional stumble you'd think that I wouldn't even give bread a second thought but no... I resorted to drinking a diet ginger beer. I'm trying to give them up, but regardless of criticisms of artificial sweeteners I can't help feeling it's better for me than a shed load of gluten laden carby crap. However the effect wasn't particularly long lasting and I then tried some cream, and some cream cheese... Clinging to the thought that these are all mostly fat with protein not what I consider to be junk food. 
At lunchtime I didn't go far a walk, I tried to do my stretches instead. Some of them felt good, some not so much. One quite painful so I quickly backed off on that one. 
Given the above I'm sure you can understand why I'm feeling a fair bit of self pity right now. The forecast storms and below freezing temperatures coming up over the weekend are really not helping. I had plans damn it! OK they require the ability to walk further than the end of the drive, but I'm kind of hoping that's not beyond reach. Hmph.
The overtime work started half an hour late (didn't the same thing happen last time?) and therefore finished half an hour late as well but with no major issues on my end that I'm aware of - I won't know for sure till maybe Tuesday as people use it in the real world. And now I am tired of today so I am declaring it officially over.

Food today:
Breakfast: smallish rump steak with fried eggs 
Lunch: hot pickled beef 
Dinner: bacon 
Snacks: cream and cream cheese 

1 comment:

  1. I'm hoping the forecasts are greatly exaggerated!
    Sorry you are feeling so misterably unwell. Wish I could help. Take loads of care and maybe it is don't push yourself too much time.
    I do like your idea for breakfast - I think I might copy it, in fact!
    J x