Friday, 9 October 2015

Day off #7

AKA duvet day
Yep, no big walk today...
I intended to go out after my telephone call with the new company I was talking to, but I slept about 3 hours last night and after all the excitement this morning I just didn't have the energy. And exciting (within the context of my life) it was... I got up this morning and instantly checked for an email from my old boss, from now on known as A, telling me I had a job. There was nothing.
At 8:25 I was resigned to that job not working out and considering taking the other one rather than continue being stressed about the unknowns. And then literally 5 minutes later my real agent called to say the powers that be had signed off on my extension (if you can call it that after a week off).
Then all I had to do was let the other agent know and the rest of the day was my own. Which was nice, but I truthfully couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it.
So I got back into bed and curled up with a book until lunchtime.
After lunch I sat on the sofa with a book instead of going back to bed, which I consider relatively dynamic of me all things considered.
The high point of the day (apart from a long chat with my Dad and his wife on the phone) was a relaxing hot bath mid  afternoon.
You could call it a wasted day, particularly given that it was mostly sunny, but I really enjoyed it and have no regrets!

Food today:
Breakfast: belly pork slices
Lunch: scrambled eggs with bacon and a sautéed lambs kidney 
Dinner: Chicken gizzards!!! Slow cooked in water with seasonings for 6 hours then pan fried with various spices
Snacks: a slice of gammon, a little cheese 


  1. I wouldn't call it a wasted day because I think it was just what you needed. A stress free, relaxed, slow moving day. It sounds wonderful.
    So pleased about the job!
    J x

  2. Not wasted at all. Time for 'you' is essential and time to relax with a book is a real joy. Great news about the job too.