Thursday, 8 October 2015

Day off #6

Aka haircut day / physio day
I have to admit I've neglected the stretching a bit the last couple of days because it's been aggravating the lower back pain from lugging furniture around. I told the physio guy about that and he advised me not to do one of them anymore, and to treat with heat to help with that. A prescription for hot baths!
Also I still hate getting my hair cut. M uses clippers on his own head, and every time I decide I have to get shorn again I consider (briefly) borrowing his clippers with the longest settings and doing the same thing. That would probably reveal that my head, under all this annoyingly thick and fast growing hair, is shaped like a squashed potato or something so I've resisted so far.
It was freezing cold but sunny this morning so after the hair cut I went for a two hour walk. It was nice, and almost pain free. Then I added a couple more miles in the afternoon going to the clinic for a total of just under 9 (no pictures today I'm afraid.) Add in my Tesco delivery this morning and I had my busiest day off so far!
I didn't hear anything from the last contract I was on or the agent associated with it so I'm pretty much resigned to that not working out. Or not in time anyway. I'm still agonising about the other job - I'm due to discuss it with the test lead at 9 tomorrow morning.

Food today:
Breakfast: bacon and eggs 
Lunch: homemade beef burgers 
Dinner: broth 
Snacks: cheese 

Weight today: 11 st 4.6 lbs / 158.6 lbs  / 72.1 kgs 

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