Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day off #4

Torrential, almost biblical rain this morning...
The forecast said it would start off lightly around 8 and when I realised, around 7, that it hadn't started yet I went out for an early walk. It wasn't exactly delightful weather but I managed an hour and a quarter give or take without getting wet apart from a few brief showerings when I walked under overhanging trees. 

Like these.

I did stay on pavements to avoid the slippery mud caused by yesterday's non stop drizzle so the walk itself was a little less satisfying, but it burned off some energy and left me perfectly happy to curl up with a book afterwards. It's amazing what a difference managing to get out early and dry made to my spirits - yesterday the early frustration set me up to overeat for the rest of the day even after I went to Tesco, whereas today I wasn't at all tempted by excess. Yesterday I spent a lot of my time reading and watching TV, both of which I do a lot through choice, but resented it because I felt trapped indoors; today I did the same things and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love reading, always have - my Kindle is surgically attached to my hand - and I love trying new authors. Lately I've been using Bookbub to try out new authors before deciding if I like them enough to buy. I've found quite a few new series that way, and expanded from my long term murder mystery habit to revisiting my rather neglected love of science fiction and fantasy.
One other thing that is making me a happier Chrissie today than yesterday - I have a telephone interview tomorrow morning! Please keep your fingers crossed for me around 9 am....

Food today:
Breakfast: T-bone steak 
Dinner: leftover roast lamb from yesterday.
Snacks: cheese 

Weight today: slightly regretting my claim I wanted more accountability, but I'm not stopping now... Fluctuations are common regardless of type of diet, and seeing the effect of eating more or drinking less is useful anyway... I guess 
Weight today: 11 st 6 / 160 lbs / 72.7 kgs 

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  1. Crossing my fingers, eyes and toes very firmly indeed for tomorrow!
    I love that you enjoy reading!

    J x