Monday, 5 October 2015

Day off #3

I feel cheated and betrayed by the weather today. How can it rain today on only the 3rd day of weekday freedom?

I got up at my usual time - I don't want to start sleeping in later and then have to readjust when I go to work again - and it was already drizzly and miserable. I popped out to the post box around 9 and it was drizzling some more. Then I realised I had run out of dishwasher tablets and had no choice but to dash to Tesco. OK I could have driven but it's only just over a mile and I have a fundamental problem with driving such a short distance. So I took my hated umbrella and walked. The umbrella did keep my head (especially face) dry, which is the thing I find most important when walking in the rain, but my jeans and the shirt I wore loose over them were both drenched, even though the rain looked really light. I must admit I had been bored sitting in the house and considered going further, that's why I bothered taking the umbrella, but it was just too unpleasant. I did just under 3.5 miles between the two trips and was relieved to get home and immediately strip to my underwear. Doesn't it seem unfair that I only got 2 sunny days last week before being trapped inside today? I think it is. And tomorrow looks awful too.... If it's going to stay like the I need a job. Even more than I already did.
So today I did some laundry, read blogs and forums, photographed the dreary view from my bedroom window (see above), cooked a small boneless lamb shoulder (in the slow cooker - so that involved flicking a switch - not exactly exciting), watched some TV.... You get the point. If I'd slept all day it probably wouldn't have felt like I missed anything.

Food today:
Breakfast: bacon and eggs 
Lunch: pork scratchings 
Dinner: slow cooked lamb shoulder 
Snacks: double cream I know, I know 

Weight today: 11 st 5.6 lbs / 159.6 lbs / 72.5 kg 

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  1. Such a shame your day was so dull. Do you like reading. I have found joining the library an absolute joy since retirement.
    J x