Friday, 2 October 2015

Day off #2

Today wasn't as nice as yesterday. I had a few chores to do and it was good to be able to get them done early while the post office etc were quiet instead of having to cram in at lunchtime with all the working folk. But I wasn't feeling 100% - I had a bit of a nagging headache - and I was stupid enough to try fixing it by going for a walk in the sunshine - without thinking about how bright the sun was. It aggravated things of course, and I ended up cutting it short so I could go home for some painkillers. The pills helped, but I didn't really feel like doing much after that.
So the rest of the day was spent lounging around mostly. 
I planned to make today an egg fast day and breakfasted accordingly, but once I started feeling crappy the idea of eating more eggs made me feel a bit nauseous, so I broke it very quickly. However feeling dodgy off and on for the afternoon meant I was absolutely not tempted to overeat  or drink any alcohol, so I suppose that was a  positive after the last couple of days. I'm not sure if feeling dodgy was down to overindulging (very small indulgences compared to past efforts, but I suppose it's all about tolerances), whether it was a cumulative effect of many bad night's sleep, or a reaction to the recent work stress hitting after my body relaxed - but whatever it was - blech.

Food today:
Breakfast: cheesy scrambled eggs
Lunch: meatloaf 
Dinner: lamb chops 

Weight today: 11 st 7.2 lbs / 161 lbs / 73.2 kgs. Yesterday proved to be the first day of TTOM and combined with the water retention that implies I also wound up overdoing both pork rinds and cream (go on then, slap my wrist!) Luckily it feels like it's out of my system now and the effect should be temporary. Bloody typical that it happened right after I decided to start reporting my weight on here.... I have to admit I was thisclose to pretending to forget....

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