Monday, 12 October 2015

Back to work

Its sort of nice to be back (if I don't think too hard about not liking working in IT) Very nice to see the people I like here, of whom there are several. And people seemed pleased to see me - even people who wouldn't have had to do my work if I'd stayed gone. I had forgotten / overlooked my hatred of driving in the dark though. Ah well, I will have to get used to it again.
Lunchtime of course I went for a walk. Compared to hiking through forest for two hours it was not an exciting route, just the normal trip to Sainsburys, but as always the company made up for that. I was a little bit lonely last week and today on the walk I barely stopped talking... I don't think I scared my walking buddy off, but I guess I'll know at lunchtime tomorrow if he has more important things to do :-)
Mid afternoon we had a fire drill and that was another opportunity to catch up with people in the sun - although, bloody hell that was a cold wind today. I think I may have to stop wearing t-shirts to work and accept that despite the sunshine it is definitely autumn now.

Food today: 
Breakfast: meatloaf 
Lunch: pork scratchings 
Dinner: pork chops

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  1. Glad you are back to work it all helps pay the bills even if it is not exactly what you fancy.