Monday, 28 September 2015


So tired...
Thursday night / Friday morning I woke up around 2:30 am and never got back to sleep. Friday night I did a bit better, but Saturday night I only got about 4 hrs sleep. Last night I slept for longer but only because I took a nytol, and I had weird surreal dreams before waking up really groggy. Thank God for caffeine!
My Dad and his wife visited us on Saturday just for one night and it was lovely to see them. We didn't do anything exciting, just talked A LOT and got a takeaway in the evening. I stuck to my only eating meat and not drinking alcohol though - and given that we had visitors AND I wasn't in control of the food I'm pretty pleased about that :-)
Yesterday I was so knackered I literally didn't leave the house - and took a nap early afternoon (actually it took me - I was lying on the bed reading, not planning to nap, and just fell asleep with my glasses on and everything.)  I did feel I wasted a nice sunny day by staying in, but genuinely had no desire to go out, so what the hell. I do wish that I could schedule sleeping badly for wet weather though.
I was unbelievably tempted to stay home instead of going to the office today (working from home of course, not just sleeping) but decided that I should try to go in this week as it's currently, so far as I know, my last week here and therefore my opportunities to walk with my walking buddy are numbered. I'm probably glad I made that decision as I had to stay awake all day as a result. Did I mention Thank God for caffeine? In the early morning the office was hot and stuffy and I struggled mightily to stay awake. Later the air con kicked in and it was quite chilly, which helped a bit. Then I went for a walk and the fresh air / activity absolutely knocked me sideways - I was so exhausted. I'm really really glad that the day is over now and I neither humiliated myself by nodding off nor killed myself driving off the road while asleep. If I don't sleep better tonight I'm staying home tomorrow regardless....
Please note that I really wanted to buy some cream at lunchtime for a fat + a little carb fix and I didn't; then I spent the entire afternoon - literally - wishing I had. However, I wasn't wishing for sugar or chocolate, which is encouraging. At one point I was so tired I actually felt slightly ill - though some bouillon did sort of settle my head and stomach a bit.
I felt properly better within an hour or so of getting home thankfully. But I'm still knackered and will be having an early night tonight zzzzzzzzzz

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a little 5 spice pork mince (I added extra 5 spice and a tiny sprinkle of tamari and the mince tasted much better)
Lunch: meatloaf
Dinner: beef heart sautéed with homemade fajita seasoning
Snacks: cheese

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