Sunday, 20 September 2015


Sunday = housework day this week.
This is not a large house, so it doesn't take long, but it's not very satisfying to clean because it's a tatty enough rental (the carpets in particular are rubbish) that you can only get it so good, however hard you work at it.
Despite it being small, hoovering has still managed to bugger my back again - I must hoover in the weirdest way to achieve so much pain. I assume I stay bent over enough to make sure I'm going up to /under the edges of the furniture for long enough to make everything seize up. Marvellous excuse to never do any housework - up to the point the letting agent requests an inspection visit (which is happening on Wednesday) or someone visits (which is happening at the weekend). Ah well, one big house cleaning session killing two birds.
It was sunny first thing and I planned to take a walk after the tedious crappy chores were done, but then I had to take painkillers and lie down to wait for them to take effect, and the sun went away. Now it's kind of cool looking, grey and autumnal. At least it was sunny for a lot of yesterday and I managed a 10 mile walk. With no blisters!
As I now can't be bothered to take a proper walk today this afternoon will be watching a movie flat on my back for a change. And so little of the weekend left - hardly any time before I'm back in work waaaaaaaah

Food today:
Breakfast: fried bacon and eggs
Lunch: cold beef and cheddar breadless 'sandwiches'
Dinner: (planned) more beef
Snacks: Pork scratchings

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