Thursday, 24 September 2015

Still in the waiting time

Another horribly wet start to the day today.  Because I had my physio appointment this morning I worked from home (still no news on extension or no extension, in case you hadn't guessed) so at least I didn't have to drive in through dark and rain. Instead I took a relaxing bath in place of my usual utilitarian shower.
The physiotherapist gave me some suggestions for stretches and exercises that should strengthen my back. Unfortunately that means I have to actually do them - I find stretching deathly boring and as a result I forget to do it at every opportunity. Genuinely forget, I guess that's what they mean by selective memory. I also asked him if I could safely try yoga and got the go ahead so long as I don't push any positions that cause discomfort and let the instructor know I have a back problem - but he suggested waiting till I've done his exercises for a while first. Given how painful it is now after the bending and stretching of the evaluation part of the appointment PLUS starting to do the actual stretches I see his point. I've been considering starting to do a class on Sunday mornings when the weather is bad - which will of course happen more often now we're into autumn, and even more so through the winter. Or I might look out for something online specific to strengthening the back so I can do it whenever it fits in rather than being limited by class availability. I'll have to have a think. And I have time to plan the best way to incorporate it.

I've had definite cravings for cream today. Luckily I have none in the house and I couldn't go out when they were strongest because I took advantage of working from home today to allow my letting agents to organise a gas & electric safety check today as well. While waiting in for him I cooked and ate some bacon instead, and the cravings departed unsatisfied :-D OK, not eating might have been a better plan, but the key thing was not feeding the habit by giving in to the cravings. I also felt like having a drink tonight. I had absolutely literally one sip of wine to see if I liked it and didn't - but also didn't head off in search of the whisky I have hidden away being out of sight and hopefully mind.

Food today:
Breakfast: pork chop
Lunch: meatloaf and bacon
Dinner: meatloaf
Snacks: bacon, cheese

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