Thursday, 10 September 2015

So frustrated....

On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. On Tuesday I was sure it was Wednesday. You have no idea how many times today I've had to remind myself that tomorrow is a work day too. I realised this morning that part of my irritation about the delivery I was expecting yesterday is that in my head I'd been waiting for it a day longer than I actually had :-) (it did come today) And unlike certain newly retired people I don't even have the excuse of a changed schedule to explain my confusion :-)
Now it finally is almost Friday - but lucky me, I get to work overtime tomorrow evening. Woo hoo... Not. Last weekend there was a deployment that I didn't take part in and they worked until 11:30 pm. Really hoping this one goes more smoothly...
I had a really nice walk at lunchtime despite being accompanied by a moaning minnie of a colleague as well as my regular walking buddy. It was actually sunny - I'm now so used to the clouds moving in just before I leave I hardly knew what to do with myself!
Things went downhill after work though. I got home to find a letter from the Royal Berkshire postponing my eye check AGAIN - and annoyingly they proposed a date I can't make. It's the same day as my physio appointment, and as I'm already working from home that day I also booked a gas safety check for the house in the afternoon. So I rang the appointments number at the hospital to reschedule - and the earliest date I was offered was 5th of November!!!!!!  Just to be clear, they postponed it twice - not me - and now they expect me to wait almost 2 more months when THEIR consultant was the one who said it should be checked in 2 months time the last time I was there. Useless bastards. I do intend to try to get hold of the consultants secretary directly, as she helped me the last time I was screwed around like this.
I was so frustrated and annoyed I went out and bought some whisky to distress. But I am happy to tell you it's sitting unopened in the cupboard and I didn't drink today. Not guaranteeing anything for tomorrow though - not with my after work deployment....

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a couple of beef 'sizzle steaks' from Tesco and a cup of homemade bone broth
Lunch: bacon cream cheese pancakes - I used this recipe but omitted the sweetener and cinnamon and added a fair bit of cooked morrisons value 'cooking bacon'
Dinner: baked belly pork slices
Snacks:  homemade pork rinds

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