Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ouch damn it

Grumpy again today. I think I've done this work thing for long enough, thank you very much, and now it's someone else's turn...
I was hungry all day again today and overate again. Although there is a theory you shouldn't count calories doing zero carb so maybe I just ate to satiety.
I went for a walk at lunchtime and while out had virtually no pain in my blistered foot...  then got back into the office, sat for a few minutes, and by the time I got up to take my lunch plate to the kitchen it started hurting. So I limped a bit and pissed off my back by walking funny. Apologies for the language but honestly, this backache thing is getting old....  and my physio appointment feels very far off right now.
On the plus side I'm still feeling physically well on the all animal carnivorous eating plan and liking it a lot better now I'm using burgers rather than sautéed mince. (There's nothing wrong with sautéed mince generally, in fact I love it with a nice tomatoey sauce and veg, but when it comes with no sauce or veg and I hugely massively totally underseasoned it - well, it wasn't good. But when I decide to try again I'll do better. Even just adding some bone broth would help.) My clothes - especially my jeans feel looser and M commented that he could see I'd lost weight at the weekend. So those are things that ease the grumpiness. A little. Until I move unwarily and my back stabs me in the back, so to speak...
No walk after work to avoid pushing my luck further, but a nice relaxing bath instead. And less time spent in the kitchen than usual because, again, foot pain. Right now it's more sore because the blister burst, but I'm sure by morning it will have begun to heal.

Food today:
Breakfast: coffee with cream, scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch: lamb burger topped with bacon
Dinner: beef burgers topped with cheese
Snacks:  homemade pork rinds

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  1. Ouch - blisters can be such a nuisance. Fingers crossed for speedy healing!
    J x