Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I had a crap dream last night, right before I woke up so it was really vivid. Basically I dreamt I was binge eating - not the way I used to, which involved buying loads of junk and methodically eating my way through it in a steady but unstoppable way - this was more like a cartoon binge, both hands full of junk, stuffing my mouth, food all over me and everything around me. I woke up really upset with myself and feeling extremely guilty, and it was only when I realised that I was still in bed rather than ensconced on the sofa with the junk food that I realised it didn't really happen... Urk. Horrible. Just horrible. I was still feeling weirdly shaken up about 4 hours later.
Still, as a positive, it did NOT inspire me to binge in real life so there is no genuine guilt or stress.
Very pleasant walk at lunchtime today - it was actually sunny for the walk to the supermarket and stayed completely dry until we got back to the office. Probably because unlike yesterday I had a waterproof jacket with me. I didn't have time to walk again after work as I'm getting a new mobile phone and had to make a call straight after work to get the new contract sorted out.
Speaking of new contracts I'm currently once again waiting to find out if I'm extending mine. My boss wants to extend it for 3 more months, but is trying to get approval from the director above him, and I'm down to 2.5 weeks left, so I'm applying elsewhere in case of a no.

(Actual in real life) Food today:
Breakfast: eggs with bacon
Lunch: leftover pork cheeks
Dinner: pulled pork
Snacks: pork scratchings and cream
Pork, Pork and more pork - oink oink


  1. Do you think it could be your worries coming out in this way so that your brain can deal with them is a safe space?
    J x

  2. That is possible actually. In which case I appreciate the thought while wishing the realism had been a bit dialed down! I'm really more disturbed by how much it bothered me than the original dream, believe it or not. My brain is weird.