Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday again

 A mixed weekend this weekend.
Good :
No booze (soon I'll feel justified in stating that "I don't drink"
No major overeating (perhaps a little too much creme fraiche yesterday - I discovered I can eat the Roddas brand with a spoon straight out of the pot)
Saturday I walked about 11 miles without blistering (God bless 1000 miles socks with little wear)
For the first time in ages, weighed less on Monday morning than on Saturday morning ( 2 oz - but I'll take it, since the last couple of weeks it's taken half of each week to get back to Saturdays weight thanks to overcompensating for long walks)

Less good:
Accidentally stayed up till midnight Saturday night and still got up at 5 on Sunday
Too lazy / tired to go for a proper walk on Sunday - less than 2 miles

Today, for a change, I didn't want to go to work.
All morning I didn't want to be at work.
However, at lunchtime I enjoyed my usual walk despite getting rained on and having to take shelter under the overhang of a McDonald's drive through. It provided extra chatting time, which was nice.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs with bacon
Lunch: leftover pork cheeks
Dinner: pulled pork
Snacks: cheese, 2 small kabanos sausages

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  1. I wouldn't say 'less than two mines' after not very much sleep is being lazy!!! :-)
    J x