Friday, 4 September 2015

Miserable gloomy day today....

Today I experimented on not eating until I was hungry. I didn't fast - in fact you can see below I drank a calorific coffee for breakfast, as I've been struggling to get enough fat in (and have been exceeding my target for protein) and took my breakfast with me to work, aided by the fact that it wasn't as smelly as taking eggs in would have been. I didn't feel hungry until 11am and easily waited to eat until 11:30. I wasn't actually looking to skip eating the food I'd planned, do I simply combined my planned breakfast and lunch portions to make a more satisfying meal. But was very pleased not to feel the need earlier.  However the actual food was a bit rubbish so I've decided that although I'll carry on eating plenty of minced meat for its cost, instead of sautéing it with seasonings I'll turn it into meatloaf, burgers and meatballs, all of which I find more enjoyable to eat. Sadly I'd cooked enough pork mince for 8 meals before deciding that, so unless anyone has a recipe for meatloaf using cooked mince it will get frozen until I can come up with a way to salvage it or give it more flavour.
There was some sunshine this morning but by lunchtime there was a heavy dark cloud outside the office so I didn't go out. Of course it didn't actually rain (because I wasn't outside) but it also got very cold and I feel no regret whatsoever. Sometimes even I don't want to walk... Likewise no walk after work. I consider myself to have been focusing on trying to outfight my cold so it doesn't in any way affect my plans for tomorrow - hopefully visiting Salisbury with my mum and her OH. I spent my evening in the kitchen instead of walking - making some anchovy butter, freezing the crap pork mince (and turning a large amount of it into a curry for M), making a chicken salad with homemade mayo and some leftover roast chicken - a couple of small drumsticks and one teeny thigh. It was quite productive anyway.

Food today:
Breakfast: coffee with cream and butter Lunch: 5 spice pork mince
Dinner: sautéed beef heart
Snacks:  cheese, double cream


  1. The pork mince sounds lovely - just what I like!!! On my recipe blog I did a thing about ways to use savoury mince, you might remember. Maybe some of those ideas could help?
    J x

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