Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Last day...?

Last days on contracts are usually quite good - because you, and everyone else, know it is the last day you don't really do any work, (or bother pretending you are) you spend most of your time talking about your next plan, you make sure your time sheet is signed and possibly buy doughnuts for everyone, and generally speaking people often slope off a couple of hours early because their presence is more of a distraction than anything else. Sometimes there's a lunch and beer trip to the nearest pub thrown in too. It's a bit different when you're still waiting to find out if in fact it is your last day. The time sheet still needs signing obviously, and the handing back your laptop and security pass still goes ahead but, at least if you're me, there are no doughnuts, pubs, or early departures. Yet there is still no motivation to work, while there is a need to be less obvious about it. I actually raised a bug today, so I kind of did something, though I also rejected a meeting request on the grounds that it was currently irrelevant to me.
Apart from all that it was a fairly normal day. I slept poorly again, probably because this is an unsettling position to be in, and wished I could stay home, but couldn't because of the almighty time sheet. And the wish to not look like I was nicking an elderly brick of a laptop.
At lunchtime I went for a walk with my usual buddy and our sometimes companion colleague, who generally moans a lot but seemed more cheerful today, possibly because I was leaving (although we get on ok I think he has the normal permies' suspicion  / distrust of contractors). It was a nice walk, lovely sunshine with a slightly cool breeze again. I was a bit chilly to start with then warmed up as my muscles warmed, which is how I like it.
I did overeat today. It was more stress related than hunger, I stuck to the carnivorous plan during the day but added unnecessary bacon to a perfectly adequate lunch (of course some people argue that bacon is never unnecessary). At lunchtime I was already considering having a whisky this evening to relax myself a bit and I have to admit that I did. Quite a bit. The first in over a month, and I'm now back on the wagon. Especially because it led to me eating a small quality of peanut butter, which doesn't fit into my intended way of eating. Too damn sweet  - urk!

Food today:

: bacon and eggs
Lunch: meatloaf and bacon
Dinner: smoked sausage and peanut butter
Snacks: pork scratchings, babybel cheese

I have decided that considering some stuff I'm willing to mention in this blog but wouldn't tell friends  / colleagues in real life, I'm going to stop being so coy about my weight. I want the full on extra accountability of reporting it on here - although I'll only update it when it changes, so if I'm plateauing I won't keep repeating myself. If I'm brave enough I'll report increases as well as decreases - guess which I expect tomorrow)

Weight today: 11 st 4.6 lbs / 158.6 lbs / 71.8 kgs.

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  1. Still not knowing isn't nice for you. My fingers are crossed.
    J x