Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lack of sleep is destroying my brain...

This morning I woke up, staggered into the bathroom and fell into the shower without remembering to weigh myself - I literally realised as I was washing my hair. Usually I weigh myself while the shower is getting to temperature and I've no idea what was different today, it should be habit by now. Anyway, I still weighed and was pleasantly surprised considering that my hair (which is very thick and takes ages to dry) had just been rubbed with a towel a bit so was fairly waterlogged. (No, not pleased enough to come clean about my weight on here.)
I had a nice walk at lunchtime and another after work (and a haircut). The second walk, after work, was much less pleasant because of a nasty cold drizzle in the air. As always I hated having my hair cut (it doesn't help that although the hairdresser is very good she doesn't have the best English and sometimes I worry about how well she understands what I want. But she is good, very local, and cheap as well so what can I do?) I should have been shorn at least one or two weeks ago so I expect the scales to show a pronounced drop which I will claim all the credit for tomorrow :-)
Apart from that today was quietly productive at work and quietly relaxing after work, and now I'm shattered - more than ready for an embarrassingly early night...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch: eggs poached in homemade bone broth
Dinner: chicken thighs
Snacks:  cheese, double cream

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  1. I'm glad you were pleasantly surprised. (and no, I wouldn't say either) :-)
    J x