Monday, 7 September 2015

I have a blister on the sole of my right foot. It's approximately the size of my right foot.

I had a lovely day on Saturday visiting my Mum and her OH. Apart from telling them about my new diet and convincing my Mum I'm going to die - but I expected that :-)  We spent the morning in the lovely cathedral city of Salisbury and the afternoon at home chatting. Apart from getting there 5 minutes late but journey went very smoothly both ways, and thanks to the walk too and from the train station at my end I managed to walk over 5 miles despite their not being able to walk very well.
Yesterday I had a less good day.  I decided to walk to a nearby town with a Morrisons store to find some pork skin for homemade pork rinds, plus hopefully some cheap, fatty cuts of meat. My Google maps app said it was 5 miles give or take. Unfortunately half way there the road ran out of pavement / sidewalk. I doubled back a short distance then followed an alternative route that was safe but a fair bit longer. By the time I found Morrisons I'd walked 8 miles and by the time I came out with my shopping (loads of skins plus some pork cheeks) my feet felt like they were on fire. So my original plan to walk both ways was immediately discarded even though I have been known to walk that sort of distance. Instead I plugged in the train station and told Google maps to get me there. It was over 2 miles from the store. I made it to the station, and survived the 1.7 miles from the station back home again, but my feet were very unhappy with me, although a soak in the bath shut them up for a while. In total I'd walked about 13.5 miles which shouldn't have been a problem, but when I got home and stripped off for the bath I realised that my '1000 mile socks' were so worn they weren't offering any cushioning at all. My bad!  And they're binned.

That wasn't the only problem with yesterday either. I found myself being unbelievably emotional and all over the place all day, from starting to cry while walking down the street over the loss of our dog about 7 years ago to shrieking and yelling (and swearing) like a maniac later in the day. I was just delightful to be around. I think it was down to my change of BC method having my hormones all stirred up, and I feel much more stable today thankfully. Although grumpy when my alarm went off requiring me to get up - but that's standard :-)
As my blister wasn't sore during the morning today I did plan to head out for a walk at lunchtime. I actually wanted to encourage it to burst on its own since I generally find that blisters are much less painful once the pressure is released. However by lunchtime (after standing in the kitchen chatting for a while) it was sore enough to put me off the idea. I tried sitting outside instead so I'd still get a dose of vitamin D, but the breeze was a little chilly and then the sun went in so I gave up. At least I got away from my desk for 20 minutes or so though.
No walk after work for the same reason, and I ate over my calorie allowance today - although all 'allowed' food. I think when I go for a long weekend walk and don't eat enough - like yesterday - the extra appetite doesn't generally make itself known until the next day. I also may be PMSy which would also explain yesterday. I was very proud of myself on such a hungry day for resisting the sweets that someone brought in today - they were haribo, and I turn into a complete 6 year old around haribo sweets!  In the past I've persuaded myself that the gelatine makes them an OK choice, but doing zero carb I can't kid myself in that way. I stayed well away from them and avoided temptation like a total hero :-)

Food today:
Breakfast: coffee with cream and butter Lunch: lamb burgers
Dinner: chicken mayo (thigh and drumstick meat)
Snacks:  cheese, homemade pork rinds

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