Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hop along Chrissie

The foot is improving so long as I don't try to walk around barefoot, so I happily managed my lunchtime walk today. It was a good walk with lots of talk about upcoming changes at work (that are interesting but highly unlikely to affect me) However my back is still being bastard so I skipped the after work walk again.
I was really tempted to work from home today because of the back but dragged myself in because I'm waiting for a delivery. Unfortunately the courier company apparently dumped it on a shelf and ignored it for 24 hours so I didn't get it. Hopefully it will come tomorrow. Hopefully...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and a cup of homemade bone broth
Lunch: lamb burger
Dinner: Pork cheeks slow cooked with a spice mix (heavy on cinnamon) and butter
Snacks:  homemade pork rinds, mini babybel


  1. So glad the foot is improving! Those parcel delivery firms can be a right pain. Maybe it will come today though!
    J x

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