Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Today was an annoying and unproductive day. First thing in the morning I was told there was a new build of software to test, and given a list of features and fixes that were in it. At 11 I asked for a new build that actually had those features and fixes since the one I had did not. At 1pm someone started actually building it, and it wasn't deployed until mid afternoon. Marvellous - I love spending my day testing the wrong stuff / twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy with nothing to do. If I'd been working from home at least I wouldn't have had to pretend, but I was in the office, so...
Anyway. I was frustrated and fed up and the weather wasn't helping any, so I just felt really dreary all day. I'm sure going for a walk would have helped, but with my well-known ability to do the wrong thing when in a grump I chose to stay in and read a book at my desk through lunch instead. Which I sort of enjoyed but it doesn't really qualify as a break from work. Or exercise, fresh air, company or conversation. However I'm fairly confident if I'd gone for a walk to a shop as usual I'd have bought quite a lot of comfort - not off plan foods, but definitely off plan quantities. I know I'm overreacting, I know I'll be paid the same as if I'd been testing away, but it's just frustrating.
And I'm also no closer to knowing if I'll be extended here so that's frustrating too.
OK, enough moaning...
I don't actually have a lot else to talk about, but at least I don't have to go on and on at you guys...

Food today:
Breakfast: beef heart
Lunch: leftover pork cheeks
Dinner: meatloaf
Snacks: cheese

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  1. :-) Although most of that you said about work is double dutch to me, it sounds incredibly frustrating!
    J x