Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

Not such a bad day today although it got off to a bad start - I couldn't sleep due to not being able to get comfortable and felt really crappy this morning. That inspired me to work from home though, so it could have been worse.
I grazed a fair bit today - just kept feeling hungry. I had thought that was getting better the last couple of days, oh well. It's quite common in the early days of transitioning to a fat burning metabolism from one more reliant on carbs.
At lunchtime I managed to get out for a walk, which was quite sunny and pleasant, but didn't have time after work because of the deployment - it was going in at 5 pm (testing starting at 5:30) and expected to take until 8pm, so we had a really early dinner beforehand. The deployment itself went very smoothly and finished early!!!  Only half an hour, but considering that deploying the software took twice as long as expected, that was very welcome. So that was good too. All in all quite a productive Friday for a change. (and a nice number on the scale - though the grazing all day will no doubt change that tomorrow morning) and still no booze imbibed even though it's in the house and readily available!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs with cold meat
Lunch: leftover belly pork slices
Dinner: no official dinner due to excess grazing on bacon during the afternoon
Snacks:  homemade pork rinds and lots of cooked morrisons value cooking bacon

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  1. I am seriously impressed with your self control - brilliant! I know you were grazing but you compensated and not touching the alcohol is great!
    J x