Wednesday, 23 September 2015

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As I may already have mentioned it was clear, dry, cool and sunny this morning - just the kind of autumn weather I like. Unfortunately it had clouded over quite a bit by the time I went for my walk at lunchtime, but had also warmed up a bit so it was still nice.
Apart from that it was just an average day. My boss told me again that he wants to keep me around until Christmas but HR are dragging their feet on the paperwork, so he can't make me any promises. I now have just 7 days left on my current contract and I'm finding nothing to apply for so God knows how long it will take to find another contract if this falls through. Definitely the biggest downside with the contracting life...
I'm still feeling quite good on the new good plan but struggling with figuring out how much to eat. Most people doing the carnivorous thing focus on beef, and say they find that more satisfying than other meats but I'm not ready to eat literally the same thing all the time, although I admit my menu's are not what you could call varied at the moment. I do like beef and lamb a lot though... And eggs. And cheese. But I've identified trigger foods that I need to avoid even with the more restrictive foods I've been eating, namely my homemade pork rinds and (double) cream. Someone smack my hand if I mention either of these tomorrow please :-)

Food today:
Breakfast: pork chop
Lunch: slow cooked lamb neck fillet
Dinner: Pork chop
Snacks: Pork rinds, cheese, cream, bacon

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  1. :-) How about 'The waiting time'!
    I think it is so helpful to know your trigger foods. Maybe after a while of not having them they will cease to be triggers and then you will be OK with them again.
    Good luck with the contract situation.
    J x