Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Well, last night went better. Apart from waking up around 1 am (when I fell asleep again in under an hour) I slept much better and felt almost human again this morning. Phew! That was not pleasant yesterday, not at all.
Speaking of not pleasant I had a slight shock today at work. As you know I'm still waiting for confirmation that my contract is being renewed; I thought I had until Friday to get it sorted out. Not so - my contract expires tomorrow. Tomorrow! Arrgghh! And the extension has not yet been signed off.This is definitely my least favourite bit of being a contractor.
On the plus side I might be taking a really long walk on Thursday if I'm not working.
That's not much of a plus side mind you.
Today's lunchtime walk was good - sunny, quite warm but with a cool breeze. I would be so happy to have that kind of weather all the time!

Food today:
Breakfast: small slow cooked casserole steak
Lunch: small slow cooked casserole steak
Dinner: lamb burgers
Snacks: pork scratchings


  1. Oh, dear. :-( Having been used to the situation in teaching, it does sounds quite uncomfortable. Good luck with the renewal.
    It was a lovely day here too. It made playground duty very pleasant indeed.

    J x

  2. I agree with Joy it must feel very uncomfortable but lets hope the renewal comes through or better still a better job. Anyway best of luck