Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Back in the office today although my cold is continuing to progress. Yes, I'm being that person who goes in to the office with germs. I needed to get my time sheet signed so I could get paid for last month - otherwise I might not have bothered.
No proper walk before work, but I forgot to bring tissues so I did pop to the nearest corner store to buy some after driving in. Luckily it opens at 6am. It was really chilly this morning so that would normally have woken me up a bit - but my head was so bunged up I didn't really feel refreshed.
Around mid morning the sun came out (yay!) and I was hopeful that I'd have a sunny lunch walk. Needless to say that wasn't going to happen - as is becoming standard the clouds started gathering about half an hour before I was able to get out. But there were sunny intervals and it was dry, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. I didn't have my walking buddy so I just wandered up the road to a nearby business park set around a large (probably manmade) lake, and then walked around the lake for a while. It was quite peaceful and it's always relaxing to be around water (although I prefer running water - lakes tend to look a little less attractive in my eyes due to algae. The ducks, swans and geese didn't seem to mind though.)
After work I walked around a bit and waited for M to get home from work. He had to stay late for a meeting that ran on till 6:45pm - not much gun for him given that he starts work at 6am every day...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch: pork scratchings
Dinner: stir fried diced lamb
Snacks:  smoked sausage and a chicken drumstick

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  1. So sorry that your cold is still hanging around. It seems a slap in the face to have a cold in summer- not fair at all. Hoping things pick up really quickly.
    J x