Thursday, 27 August 2015

You know you're struggling when lunchtime is 10:41 AM....

I don't know for sure if it was boredom or hunger that forced me to eat so early but I strongly suspect it was genuinely hunger because otherwise I would have just carried on eating all the food, which in my case (even avoiding junk food) would have decimated the net of mixed babybels I brought in for snackage. I was just really hungry all morning (and angry at the weather) and couldn't find the strength to wait it out. I drink gallons of fluids all day when in the office so it wasn't thirst - especially as I added a mug of beef oxo without feeling any better. Ah well, I actually consider it a victory when all I do is eat scheduled foods at unscheduled times.
Midmorning today I saw sunshine and was almost excited to walk at lunchtime even though I was walking alone. I left the office and I thought I felt a raindrop hit my head but told myself I was imagining it because the forecast said no rain between 8am and 6pm. The forecast lied. By the time I'd crossed the first road it was definitely raining and since I had believed the forecast enough to leave both rain coat and umbrella behind, I ended up turning around and heading back in to the office. The Met Office lied to me and I want my money back!  (what money? No idea...)
I was heading out to buy some more rooibos tea bags because I'd actually run out. I have some at home and forgot to pack them for work on 3 consecutive days. Hold on a minute...  Right, they're now packed. Finally. I also wanted to walk so I could earn some extra calories in case I got hungry again mid afternoon. Since I didn't, I had to power through. On the plus side, I powered through with only one excess babybel cheese.
I went to the doctors again this evening and got a Nexplanon implant inserted in my arm. Here's hoping it sorts out some of the issues I've been having around TTOM... of course it also could make that worse, in which case it's coming back out, but I prefer to believe it will work like a charm protecting me for the next 3 years.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with homemade sausage
Lunch: flourless cream cheese pancakes (savoury) with philadelphia cream cheese
Dinner: Rump steak with garlic green beans
Snacks: cheese

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  1. Hope it works and makes things a whole lot better for you.
    J x