Thursday, 13 August 2015


Nothing much to say about today. Still constipated. The weather was dreary and wet all day; I attempted to walk at lunchtime but gave up and returned to the office. The only 'exercise' I got all day was going up 1 floor in the office whenever I wanted to use the bathroom so that I would have to climb the stairs. And a few squats during my lunch break.  Still, as much as I always resent having to stay trapped indoors at least we didn't have any flash floods as they did on the coast I believe.
After work I chose the comfort of a nice bath instead of going out - that one was all on me, as it had stopped raining, at least for a while. I enjoyed the bath though and it was relaxing, which was good after a frustrating day.
Food today:
Breakfast: Alison's Bread, toasted in a frying pan, and topped with 2 poached eggs - having a 'bread' to soak up the yolks was marvellous, and actually the high point of the entire day. I kid you not.
Lunch: Chicken thighs with salad
Dinner: 'keto comfort food' - chocolate whey protein powder mixed with double cream, a tiny bit of peanut butter and a few defrosted red- and blackcurrants from the bottom of a pack of frozen summer berries. It was actually a little bit too sweet - though I still ate it - which is a bit of a miracle because I usually find the redcurrants &  blackcurrants very tart, and the whey hasn't historically seemed all that sweet either. Even the pb was unsweetened. Maybe a sign my tastes are changing?
Snacks: cheese

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  1. The constipation must be very uncomfortable by now. Hope it sorts out soon.
    J x