Monday, 24 August 2015

Sorry I'm so dull...

My life is feeling exceptionally tedious at the moment, hence no Friday post and nearly no Monday post. But I do feel like something is missing if I don't post, do I guess I'll just have to apologise in advance for being so boring.
Friday I worked from home with an upset tummy and yet still managed to walk about 7 miles - endlessly repeated circuits around my house so I didn't have too far to travel back if needed. It settled down by lunchtime but I wasn't trusting it until evening. I have to confess I had some vodka that evening as I'd been feeling sorry for myself.
Saturday I went for a 10 mile walk (nearly) to make the most of the weather before it went to crap. Yesterday I hardly left the house because it was either pouring with rain or threatening to. all day. I spent most of the time lying on the bed reading - I'm reading obsessively at the moment anyway.
The only inspiring thing I did at the weekend was try out a recipe for gluten free soda bread using coconut flour that turned out so well I made it again Sunday, adapted by replacing the coconut flour with twice the volume of almond flour. It might be the best gluten free bread recipe I've tried, particularly as it's also incredibly simple.

Today I worked from home again so I could go to the doctor this afternoon. It was raining pretty constantly all morning but I had to go out for some dishwasher tablets (see what I mean about my exciting life?) so I walked to Tesco and much as I wouldn't have chosen to go out in the rain if I hadn't needed anything, I was glad I did. Between that,  popping to the surgery, and walking around the house I actually managed to get 10147 steps - not particularly impressive but I do feel happier if I at least manage 10000 steps.
I've been using the techniques in Brain vs Binge this weekend.  I have got into the habit of drinking at the weekend and don't want to. Also if I have a drink on Friday I generally do at least on Saturday and often Sunday too. It didn't actually occur to me how habitual that was getting until Saturday, which is why I still drank Friday night, but that was all I had - and I successfully resisted that habitual urge. I didn't really feel less relaxed either, as walking and reading are far more effective means of relaxing. And in case you were wondering if I didn't post Friday due to a binge - I haven't done that either. So far so good....

Food today:
Breakfast: soft boiled eggs with gf soda bread soldiers
Lunch: broccoli soup with a chicken drumstick
Dinner: chicken thigh with green beans and keto Alfredo Sauce
Snacks: cheese and gammon nibbles


  1. You're not dull and you're not boring. I love to read blogs like yours! Its real.
    Love, J xxx

  2. I am so with you on the wine. After traveling a lot this summer, wine was definitely at the forefront - as soon as it hit 5:00 p.m. and I was out of town it was happy hour! On August 6 I decided enough was enough - because then wine was had every day. Since then I've had only 2 glasses of wine and 3 beers in nearly 3 weeks. I also have to realize that drinking wine isn't going to bring my husband back - I think I drank just to be hazy so I wouldn't have to think about going to bed alone, ya know? Sending hugs that you are feeling better today!