Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saturday in Guildford

Yesterday my brother, S, and I went to Guildford for the day. Neither of us had been further than the train station before but on impulse I looked it up on wikipedia and thought it looked really good. It was lovely! I took 50 photos so I'll gracefully except your thanks for not putting ALL of them on here, and we walked 12 miles in total, and we both loved it. The town centre was beautiful, the Castle was interesting and well maintained (and cheap) and there was a nice coffee shop for refreshment. We walked all around the town, checking out every cute little side street and alley way. Then we went to the castle and wandered around the grounds envying a group of women doing yoga in the sunshine on manicured grass surrounded by flowers (the envy mist have just been me). We paid £3 to go into the castle keep itself, which was quite small but still interesting, and climbed up to the roof (lots of stairs - a shock to my bungalow-living legs) to see a view of practically the whole of Surrey.
After that we went down to the riverside and walked for a few miles alongs the banks before heading back. It was a lovely day, and the only downside was that it was really too hot for lots of outdoor walking, particularly as a lot of it was in full sun. As always we didn't drink enough.

Lunch was tasty but not exciting - we just went to All Bar One. I had half a chargrilled chicken with peri peri sauce, wasabi slaw, and a side salad instead of chips. Sadly the salad inclouded cous cous, which was not clear from the menu, so I just picked out the cucumber, tomatoes and leaves. 
I do have to confess that halfway along the river bank we both bought ice cream to cool down with. The man only had cones, no cups, but I didn't eat the cone so obviously it was both gluten free and low carb ;-)
When we got home we took it in turns to jump in the shower. Then we had a takeaway - Indian - and I ate another large quantity of meat. It definitely qualified as a cheat day, but with all the walking I think the extra carbs were semi-justified and wholly delicious.

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veg
Lunch: Peri peri chicken with salad
Dinner: lamb shashlik kebab with cucumber raita and a little salad (the silly little salads they put in with tandoori meals that no one usually eats)
Snacks: Toffee & Honeycomb ice-cream


  1. Do try the tomato dish it really is very tasty

  2. What a lovely town! And toffee and honeycomb ice cream sounds divine. I had a little treat with a small bowl of Ben and Jerrys ice cream yesterday, and it was so good!