Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday lovely Friday

I worked from home today so in the breaks I could do some housework to prepare for my brother visiting. I was bored rigid most of the day (not enough work to keep me busy, housework isn't interesting, and no one to talk to. However at lunchtime I was not bored at all. I started with a 10 minutes session on the climber (I wanted to start small to see how my back felt - so far so good) and then went out for a walk. As I was already dressed in sports clothes for the climber, while I was out I actually jogged a very little bit - only 4 minutes in 4 jogging breaks with 27 minutes of walking - but it felt ok, like something I might do again (this weekend I expect to do nothing but walk, and that's good as it will give me a chance to make sure my back is OK with the climber) The main thing that generally stops me running is pretty ridiculous - I'm way too 'gifted' up top to run without a sports bra but because I know I won't last long it seems pointless stripping right down to the skin for a couple of minutes running when I can walk several miles in the jeans etc I'm already wearing. I'm going to try to brainwash myself into thinking it is worth it though - because as much as I love walking, if I can manage to enjoy running I will still get the fresh air outdoors that I crave, but without having to commit quite so much time. Of course if it hurts my back or any of my joints, or if after giving it a decent shot I don't like it, you will never hear another word on this blog about running again. I do still have an unfinished bucket list item of wanting to run in a 5K fun run though, and it won't get easier with time...
I've been a little naughty with some food this week - too much cream, to be exact. I love that technically there's nothing wrong with double cream on this diet, but I don't think any diet works with too much excess whatever it is you're over indulging in. So when my current container is empty I'm going to try not to buy more too soon. :-(
I went out for another walk after work but it had to be shorter because my brother was due and so I didn't get my 10000 steps in today. Still managed 4.7 miles though so not too far off.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch: jelly and cream (should have been scrambled eggs but I wasn't hungry enough - too many macadamia nuts)
Dinner: pulled pork with radish, onion and green pepper 'hash'
Snacks: macadamia nuts

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  1. Do you get the choice of whether to work from home or not? It sounds a very useful thing to be able to do.
    J x