Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday! Friday Friday Friday!!!!

Today I'm no longer constipated thanks to the wonder of Epsom salts.  Usually it acts quite gently but this time - probably because it took 2 doses - not so much. In fact it stopped me trying to run this morning (as running is supposed to produce an effect of its own in this area) Instead I just walked - in relatively small circles around our bathroom my house. (In the rain. But after seeing photos of the damage caused by yesterday's storms I'm not complaining, it was a light persistent drizzle, nothing more, that only bothers me because I wear glasses.) and then worked from home. And today was someone's birthday and someone else's last day - so I avoided all the temptation of cakes, doughnuts and biscuits by just not being in the same building! I'm feeling much stronger today so it probably wouldn't have bothered me too much, but I didn't have to find out, which was great.
During the afternoon the rain eased off, only to return much harder about 5 minutes before I finished work. So instead of a walk I had a bath with a glass of wine or maybe 2... Both the wine and the bath were very relaxing though I don't plan to make a habit of the wine...  I'm ok with the baths obviously.

Food today:
Breakfast: Alison's Bread, toasted in a frying pan, and topped with 2 scrambled eggs - delicious and really filling
Lunch: Chicken thighs with salad
Dinner: Madhur Jaffrey's chicken tikka kebabs with salad
Snacks: nuts & cheese

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