Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Now that I've cooled down from the credit card debacle I will admit I'd rather they asked questions than waited for masses of dodgy transactions to appear then made you fight them. However I'm still not impressed that I had to call twice to get the block lifted.
Anyway, back to normal today - no sleep last night making 6 consecutive sub par nights - I'm a little cranky today.
However I am trying something knew that's supposed to help with stress /depression, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I read about it on Mark's Daily Apple - Colouring for Grown Ups. Supposed it can induce a semi-meditative effect by occupying your hands, eyes, and a bit (not too much and not too stimulating) of the brain. Plus -pretty pictures and colours. I ordered a book from Amazon and started last night - it does seem to calm down the whizzing brain a bit. Similar to knitting or doing a jigsaw I think. I used to do jigsaws but don't currently have space to lay out the big ones, and my knitting... sucks. My colouring probably does too but leaves less evidence of suckage.
I worked from home today and managed to walk almost 4 miles before starting. For once I was hoping for that chilly wind I keep moaning about - to blow the cobwebs away - but it was fairly still and calm so didn't really wake me up as much as I'd hoped. Still a very pleasant start to the day though.
After saying yesterday that I'd stopped dropping weight at a visible daily rate I was down almost a lb this morning - nice!  It was actually a number I haven't seen for a while (in the right direction). I love VLC / keto!
I walked at lunchtime and then tried again after work but the weather thought not - it literally started raining as soon as I decided to head out. It didn't seem too heavy so I still walked a but, but it was just too hard to be fun and came with a drop in temperature, so it just wasn't fun. Still, I managed over 8 miles between the 3 walks so I'm not complaining.
Anyway, time to go colour something...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch: Chicken and salad
Dinner: egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese


  1. I think those colouring books are just beautiful and I want one myself.
    J x

  2. Overall sounds like a pretty good day! I, too, suffer bouts of insomnia, and it really wrecks the rest of your day. I love those coloring books, too. It's a peaceful, quiet activity.